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Communicable Diseases

hand washing by Chris Hume/unsplash

Vaccine-preventable Infections

You are advised to follow the advice for newly-arriving University students on vaccine-preventable infections.

What is Meningitis? Symptoms, causes and FAQ. If you are a first year entrant up to 25 years of age, you are strongly advised to have the Meningitis ACWY vaccination before arrival.

Meningitis brochure
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What is Mumps? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. You are strongly advised to have two doses of the MMR vaccine before coming to university.

What are influenza and flu-like illnesses? Symptoms, immunization and treatment. If you suffer from chronic lung, heart, kidney or liver disease or have diabetes or are otherwise immunosuppressed, please discuss the seasonal flu vaccine with your GP or College Nurse.

Norovirus (Winter vomiting virus)

What is Norovirus? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Health Protection Advice

The Public Health England website has the latest advice available.