Travel Award given to Wolfson Fellow and Tutor

Dr Marina Salorio-Corbetto was recently given a Travel Award to attend an Otolaryngology Meeting in San Jose, California.

Marina was awarded the Don Henderson Travel Award by the Association of Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). Her submission for the award was ranked highest in the category of Postdoctoral Fellow. The award enabled her to attend the ARO 43rd Midwinter Meeting in San Jose, California, and present her work in the fields of tinnitus and bilateral cochlear implants.

Marina is a Fellow of Wolfson College and a Tutor. She is a Research Associate in Dr Debi Vickers' and Prof Manohar Bance's laboratories. Her research focuses on the use of electrophysiological methods to improve the care given to users of cochlear implants (CIs). Her current project has a focus on neuromodulation to relieve tinnitus and on searching for biomarkers of cross-modal organisation and audiovisual integration in users of CIs. This can help to understand the process of adaptation to a CI and inform clinical decisions.

Marina was presented with the award by Don Henderson's widow, Terri, with whom she is pictured at left.

Many congratulations to Marina.