Say hello to our new Butler

Diana Henderson, Wolfson Bultler

A Cambridge College Butler making sure that all meals go smoothly, that guests uphold traditions, and that the rooms used by the members of College are kept to a high standard.

Diana Henderson, Wolfson Bultler

We are delighted to announce that our new Butler is Diana Henderson.

Diana is a seasoned hospitality professional who joined the College in summer 2018 as Food Services Supervisor. Students, staff and Fellows have benefitted from her smooth handling of events like Formal Hall, from the ringing of the gong that ushers diners into Hall to the final clearing of tables at the end of the evening.

"Diana brings humor, laughter and positivity to every job she does. Her level of commitment to her colleagues, the College and the customers is second to none and a one-in-a-million characteristic. We are very lucky to have her." Charles Correa, Food Services Manager

Diana was also the winner of the 2019 Christmas Jumper Competition at the Annual Staff Christmas Lunch.

Diana Henderson in Christmas Hat

Many warm congratulations to Diana on her new role.