A new single scull thanks to alumnus Henry Rogers

The Captain of the Wolfson College Boat Club thanks Henry Rogers for his generous donation of a single scull, the Siew Fah.

Henry Rogers and Tom Hewitt rowing

Cambridge Bumps are raced in VIIIs. In fact, most races around the world are raced in VIIIs. However, being in a boat with seven other rowers can give you the opportunity to slack off, to get sloppy with technique. In a IV, a pair or a single scull, this is not possible. You can’t hide in those boats and that’s why those boats are where good technique and excellent rowing is built.

WCBC trains in VIIIs for most of the year but when time (and weather!) permits, and in between Bumps campaigns, we love to take out these smaller boats and really challenge ourselves. This is only possible by actually having these smaller boats, and a range of them to accommodate the athletes in our Club. 

Henry Rogers, a 1974 Wolfson alumnus, has been an incredibly generous and kind supporter of WCBC in that regard. Pictured at left is our new pair, the Pan Xiuhua, the Chinese name of Henry’s wife Stella, that was donated in the summer to complement our existing fleet of small boats (Henry is rowing with WCBC rower Tom Hewitt). Pan Xiuhua saw extensive action over the summer when weather was good, helping rowers hone their skills in anticipation of the heavy season ahead and, in one case, preparing for trialling with CUBC. Following this, Henry decided over Christmas to part with his beloved single scull, the Siew Fah, and donate it to WCBC where we can only hope to use it as skillfully as he has over the years.

When Bumps are over in late February, both these boats will prove invaluable in training our rowers and will be entered into a variety of small boats races, looking to (re)gain glory!

Henry’s generosity has also turned some heads in the rest of the University, as evidenced by the recent story in the University Alumni & Development service. We want to thank Henry for his donations and support to the club and hope he visits frequently to see his boats in action.

Harry Michalakakis

Club Captain - Wolfson College Boat Club