Member of the Month - Natasha Walji

Natasha Walji (Sustainability Leadership, 2010)

Natasha walji

1)      How did you come to study at Wolfson college? 

I came to study for the Masters of Studies in Sustainability Leadership (2010). I chose the program because I wanted to deepen my understanding of the impact of climate change on people in poverty, and to better understand how to build greater resilience for those in poverty.


2)      What is your current occupation and how did you get into this role? 

Director at Google Canada, Telecom, Public Sector, Media & Technology. Prior to Google I was with McKinsey for 5 years and joined Google in 2010. I've been in various roles across strategy, finance and sales with my current role the most meaningful, given the platform it offers for impact on society.


3)      What do you most enjoy about your job?

Supporting my clients through digital transformation, driving meaningful results and supporting the government on improving quality of life for Canadians, particularly as it relates to important social causes e.g. COVID-19, opioids crisis, mental health etc. I also love being part of Google as our mission is focused on making a difference in the world, whether it's being climate neutral since 2007 or working on internet access for the 3.5 billion people without access via Project Loon, or using our AI technology / platforms to solve public health challenges...I feel inspired everyday to support the mission and feel like I'm part of something very meaningful.


4)      How did your studies at Wolfson help you in your career?

The program on Sustainability gave me a more holistic perspective with systems theory - how each element or issue of a system is interconnected to other components, eg. climate change or economic disparity. This has been helpful in having a richer more thoughtful perspective in terms of how to think about the impact of my work on the community and society. This is particularly important in the context of my public sector work.


5)      What is your fondest memory of your time at Wolfson?

Sitting out on the grass surrounded by beautiful flowers (many tulips) during the Spring with my classmates. Sharing stories, laughing, sharing our philosophy on life and how we want to change the world for the better. I also loved going punting with my class mates around Cambridge. There is something enchanting about punting along the River Cam as you feel transported back in time and time slows for a moment... 


6)      What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Think about how you will use your education and knowledge to serve the world.


7)      Which book has had the greatest impact on you?

The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran


What's on


Humanities Society - Rethinking the Emergence of the English

02/06/2020 at 18.00

The Humanities Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2020, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

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Virtual Shut Up and Write Sessions

03/06/2020 at 12.00

Up your writing game wherever you are! Virtual Shut Up and Write sessions are quiet times to write in a distraction-free environment. Protect your writing time and maintain an online  community with other Wolfson students. Think of it as your writing oasis!

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CANCELLED Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture - Dr Nicola Rollock

04/06/2020 at 17.30

CANCELLED. The 2020 'Lee Sing Tee Distinguished Lecture' will be given by Dr Nicola Rollock, who will share with us her thoughts and research on racial justice in education.

Science Society

Science Society - Why Can't I Get Rid of This Belief?

05/06/2020 at 18.00

The Science Society organises regular talks during term time. During Easter term 2020, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

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CANCELLED President's Cup Cricket Match

07/06/2020 at 10.00

We are sorry to say that owing to the current coronavirus outbreak, this event has been cancelled. 

Come and join us to see whether the President's team keep the trophy or whether the students can triumph as part of this annual Wolfson College tradition! 

More details to follow.