Holiday Closure

Christmas tree in OCR

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Here are the closures over the holidays.

Christmas tree in OCR

On Friday 20 December the kitchen will close after breakfast and the Wolfson offices will close at noon for Christmas and New Year.

On Thursday 2 January 2020 the offices will reopen and the kitchen will open for lunch.

The Porters’ Lodge will be closed as follows:

- from 19.00 on Tuesday 24 December to 07.00 on Friday 27 December 2019; and

- from 19.00 on Tuesday  31 December 2019 to 07.00 on Thursday 2 January 2020.

A Porter will be resident on site during the closure periods, based in Morrison House. The emergency contact number for that Porter during the closure periods will be 07774 017556.

The Library stays open 24/7 for much of the holiday except from 18:00 on 24 December to 07:00 on 27 December and again from 18:00 on 31 December to 07:00 on 2 January 2020. The library will be unstaffed from 12:00 on 20 December until 2 January. 

The Seminar Room and the Gym will also be closed for the same periods, closing at 18.00 on the 24th and the 31st.

The Club Room, Karen Spärck Jones Room and Lee Room will be open as usual for the duration of the holiday period, and we will do our best to keep the coffee machine in the Karen Spärck Jones Room stocked up… and the daily newspapers will be delivered to the Karen Spärck Jones Room too.

The Coffee Bar in the Club Room is currently closed and will re-open on Monday 13 January 2020.